Cameron Watters Musings of a Proto-Millennial Software Engineer in the Pacific Northwest

We Learn By Changing Our Minds —

Dogma inhibits growth and makes us brittle; it's best kept it to a minimum.

MOAR Reading! —

A couple years ago, I published a reading list for first year software engineers. I've compiled a more complete list…

We Hate Singapore! —

Nobody actually hates Singapore—but it sure seemed like our e-commerce systems did…

First-Year Reading List for Software Engineers —

The best engineers I have worked with over the past 20 years are constantly reading and aggressively developing their skills. You probably should be, too…

Honesty Requires a Thick Skin —

Candor can have surprising consequences…

A List Of Movies From Which I Draw Cultural References The Nineties —

This continues the list of movies you probably should see if you'd like to get all of my film-quote references…

A List of Movies From Which I Draw Cultural References: The Eighties —

I often refer to movies that I watched during my formative years in conversation. Recently, I encountered someone roughly my age who was unfamiliar with many of the movies I assume everyone from my generation has seen. So, I made a list…

Yet Another Reason Why I Avoid Microsoft Technology Like The Plague —

Even when Microsoft makes a decent product, the pain of dealing with the licensing model often overshadows the benefits…

On Brand Naming —

A clever brand name is unlikely to overcome poor execution.

Links for December 2006 —

A collection of interesting links from December 2006

Links for November 2006 —

A collection of interesting links from November 2006

Business Casual Dress Code Considered Harmful —

Corporate dress codes are often problematic; but this particular take is old and not amazing