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MOAR Reading!

A couple years ago, I published a reading list for first year software engineers. I've compiled a more complete list.

The foundational premise of that post remains evergreen—

The software industry is constantly evolving, and you must actively pursue skill and knowledge growth in order to stay relevant. Some small amount of growth will occur as a a natural side effect of your daily work, but that isn’t enough. The best engineers I have worked with over the past 20 years are constantly reading and aggressively developing their skills.

My experiences in the intervening years have reinforced—many times over to even greater degrees for engineers and managers at all levels—the observation that spurred me to post that list—

…I increasingly encounter engineers who are unfamiliar with some subject that comes up in a discussion, or, more commonly (and tragically), their knowledge of the subject is very narrow or, at times, cargo cultish.

I've created the following list(s) in an effort to help those I personally encounter and anyone one else who stumbles across it. The list isn't intended to be exhaustive, but if there's a book or post that you have found particularly useful which is omitted below, I'd love to hear about it [via Twitter( (my DMs are open).

Recommended Reading for Software Engineers, Their Managers, and Others