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Blackbirds (2) vs Ahwatukee (3) — Arizona High School D1 Semi-Final

This one is the full length of the match, minus half time. Because iMovie is broken, I had to use a much more rudimentary method of assembling the footage so I couldn't speed up the slow, boring transitions to scrums, lineouts and restarts after scoring.

Notable Plays

These start a bit before the relevant event so that you can get oriented and see the actual moment.

  1. 1st Ahwatukee try (conversion good)
  2. 2nd Ahwatukee try (conversion missed)
  3. 1st Blackbirds try (conversion good)
  4. 2nd Blackbirds try (conversion missed)
  5. Start of second half
  6. 3rd Ahwatukee try (conversion good)
  7. 3rd Blackbirds try (conversion missed)
  8. 4th Ahwatukee try (conversion good)
  9. A couple of big hits by Ahwatukee (#4 v #10, #3 v #13)
  10. 5th Ahwatukee try (conversion good)