Cameron Watters Software Engineer and Leader in Phoenix and Seattle

Recommended Reading for Software Engineers, Their Managers, and Others

I've created the following list(s) in an effort to help those I personally encounter and anyone one else who stumbles across it. The list isn't intended to be exhaustive, but if there's a book or post that you have found particularly usefula which is omitted below, I'd love to hear about it via Twitter (my DMs are open).

If digital text works for you, then you can actually get a great deal on most of the books by becoming a member of the Association for Computing Machinery. The $100 ACM mebership includes access to O'Reilly Safari for a quarter of the individual Safari subscription retail price. Some content may not be available, but I've found at least 95% of the books I've looked for.

If you have a commute and/or like audio content, a number of the soft skills books can be found on Audible. I listen to them on my commute between Bellingham and Phoenix (when it isn't practical to use a computer). I've had a monthly subscription for a few years now, which has worked quite well for me.

NOTE: I heartily recommend reading every book, blog post, or article listed. But that shouldn't imply that I completely agree with or endorse every idea presented or advocated therein.



Articles, Blog Posts and RFCs



The Basics

A number of these items overlap with my First Year Reading List.


Articles, Blog Posts and RFCs



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Project / Organizational Structure



Articles, Blog Posts, Etc