Cameron Watters Musings of a Proto-Millennial Software Engineer in the Pacific Northwest

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Thoughts on Operational Responsibility[ for Software Engineers] —

When we accept that Ops and Development are mutually responsible for the health and functioning of production applications, our focus can shift to the question of how to better work together before, during, and after applications are deployed to production and delivered to customers.

We Learn By Changing Our Minds —

Dogma inhibits growth and makes us brittle; it's best kept it to a minimum.

Take The Time To Truly Understand —

Often, we settle on an explanation based on an untested speculation rather than analysis. Mere plausibility is not an adequate threshold to stop investigating.


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I currently work at Joyent as an Engineering Manager in the engineering group focused on Manta.

I have been happily married to my high school sweetheart Betsy since 1998. We have raised two grown sons–Sean & Caleb—and again live in Bellingham, WA after spending five years in Phoenix, AZ.

Since 2012, I've spent the majority of my time in software engineering leadership roles. My career has primarily involved internet-facing SaaS software, with an emphasis on e-commerce and communication tools.